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How Will a Patient Find You?

Posted by Smart Injector on Apr 14, 2011 11:19:35 PM

I want a youthful change...  but, I have no idea how to begin, or who to trust!
When it comes to Aesthetic Facial treatments, patients are often at a loss.  Searching for the right product and the right health care practitioner is tough. There are so many options on the market and so many aesthetic practitioners in all kinds of settings.  How does a patient chose?   This is so intimidating.  We wear these decisions, literally, on our faces.
We tell patients "Go with the best, not the least expensive.  Check references."  In a perfect world, patients would shop for an injector with scrutiny.  The patient doesn't know what she (or he) doesn't know.  So, what should a patient asked?  And what should you be prepared to answer? We are so glad you asked!
Following is a top ten list of things patients should know about their choice of aesthetic injector.  This list may seem a bit unnerving to a patient, and they may fret they will sound confrontational here.  But if this information is openly shared with the patient, you should gain their trust for all the right reasons. 

  1. LICENSURE:    Your practitioner should have an active medical license no matter if they are an MD, DO, RN, LPN, CNP, PA and or DDS. Take time to look them up prior to your appointment. Last year Colorado passed a law requiring medical license holders to list complaints and lawsuits against them. Use the link to the left to search for them in the Board of Medical Examiners Data-Base.
  2. AESETHETICS IS REAL MEDICINE, TAKE CARE:    If not an MD, DO, or DDS, the Aesthetic Treatment professional you are considering may be required to have a medical director. You should know who that is and check out his or her license as well. Oversight is how our medical community polices itself.
  3. WHY DO YOU PROVIDE FILLERS? YA' gotta' love it!   The best injectors love what they do.  The best injectors remember their training and rely on that ingrained know how whenever they inject.  And they are still learning, perfecting the craft.  You want to be sure that your injector was trained on how to use fillers by an expert, not trial and error. Every filler is different.  So, do yourself a favor and go ahead, ask them! How were they trained, how much training did they get? What kinds of complications are reported with this product and how is this injector prepared to handle those complications? Ask them if they LOVE injecting fillers!
  4. RISKS AND THE TRUTH:   WHICH PRODUCT AND WHY? You want to know that your injector will choose the best products for your health. The smart injectors tend to do their own research regarding product quality.  Don't be afraid to ask about product benefits and risks.  A great question to ask is:  Did you study the product clinically yourself? Or did a manufacturer say it is the best? Best to be sure your health care provider is on your side.
  5. COMMUNICATION IS KEY  Your treatment provider should be at ease communicating with you. If you feel uncomfortable, get out of there.  Most first time patients who have fillers such as Restylane-L, Perlane-L, Radiesse, or Juvederm- XC,  or neurotoxin such as  Botox and Dysport, are anxious about, during, before, and/or after the treatment.  This is normal. That said one of the best cures for anxiety is information.  If you are anxious or launch into hyper-drive when stressed, let your health care provider know that so he or she can give you appropriate care and education. This procedure is all about you. 
  6. REPRODUCIBLE RESULTS!  Reliable and predictable results come from reliable and predictable products.  Think really hard before you buy a product when the results aren't immediately apparent. Is that really what you want? How will you know if it works?  Likewise, some products that claim the longest duration also have the longest lasting bad results.  Know how studied a product is.  Restylaneis, for example, the most studied filler in the U.S. market today. For injection into certain areas of the face, (like tear trough) Restylane-L, performance is unrivaled. 
  7. THE BENFIT OF THE FDA:   How do you know if your provider obtains  aesthetic injectable fillers from legal and FDA approved  sources? Always get your lot numbers; that is a good start!.  Legal products will earn loyalty points and get you money back.  But more than that, if you have any problem and the product was not legally obtained, you are left alone. The only reasons to import medical products have nothing to do with your good care. The FDA ensures that sotf tissue dermal fillers and neurotoxins like  Restylane-L, Perlane-L, Radiesse , or Juvederm- XC,  Botox and Dysport are not counterfeit, contaminated or adulterated.  You are worth the highest quality!  A real medical practice, not a salon, not a private home, is the best place to find a good care provider.
  8. ARE SPECIALISTS SPECIAL?  Sure!  Well, that is, some of them are.  Aesthetic injectable skills are medical treatments but they are also art.  This means that some of the best artists will be specialty trained Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Facial Plastic (Ear Nose Throat), ASOPRS (Fellowship trained Ophthalmologists) who usually attend regular meetings where aesthetic vendors update them routinely with current clinical info.  That isn't to say that any smart qualified MD or or other specialties (DO, RN, LPN, CNP, PA, DDS) won't be extraordinary artists and just as well informed or gifted. Qualify your care giver. Ask for Before and After photos from his or her own practice.  Check out what people say about them on line.
  9. GIVE ME THE BAD NEWS FIRST!   When is the best time to get bad news? BEFORE IT HAPPENS! A question like, "What is the "Worst Thing" that could go wrong?" How does that "Worst Thing" show up, what are the symptoms and what do we do if it happens to you! Ask about allergy, vascular complications, how to fix those situations.  Find out FIRST!  You can also find out what the risks are by viewing the package label.  Always read your informed consent documents and ask those questions.
  10. PATIENT LOYALTY: Take responsibility for your care. Find out how many patients your prospective injector has treated.  How many years have they been treating patients with these products? How many times a week do they inject fillers and/or toxins? Frequency makes skills better. Fillers have been on the market for over 20 years. Patients who have stayed with their injector do so because they like the results!  Injection practices communicate honestly, up-front, and get the answers the patients want.

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