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What causes facial lines, wrinkles, folds, jowls...?

Posted by Smart Injector on May 20, 2011 1:03:22 AM


We have all heard this popular refrain on aging.
When we ask why "extra" skin appears and sags, and why wrinkles form, we are told:


By this logic we would have to believe that gravity and its downward pull on us is either cumulative, or that some condition of aging alters the nature of gravity so that it latches on to our old folks, urgently pulling them down toward the ground. This sounds like a Stephen King story. Though it may entertain in the theater, it doesn't really make sense. Gravity isn't cumulative. The body doesn't grow denser, harder, heavier, and it doesn't mystically magnetize or otherwise bond to gravitational pull.

So, why do we care what causes all that loose skin? We aren't just talking to to put our desire to "save face" more securely in our corner. We want to know because if we understand the process, we can address and repair, to some extent, the loss. We can soften and smooth angles. We can return to each other some familiarity of the face we knew best when we were young and becoming the person we are today. 

 Being able to recognize our own expressions, our own appearance, enables us to connect with ourselves as well as the rest of the world. It is inevitably slipping away from us. But when we understand how that is happening, it is possible to treat it more naturally, and effectively. It is possible to retain that twinkling of the eye that tells us "I know who I am, and "Hello World!"

 So, women, be at ease. Sure, gravity keeps us grounded on the surface of earth. With gravity we can jump and land, walk our dogs, live! And yes, the reason that our dresses and our jowls go down in direction of the ground, that is all gravity.

But the change hastening the skin to out-grow it's geography, wrinkling and folding like never before, has somewhat to do with the skin and other soft tissues. We are examining this process so that we can maintain a heightened awareness of our women's health.

Looking for a dramatic volume loss, we turn to osteoporosis. This condition shrinks a woman's height in multiple inches... The skull easily loses an inch and more with all of the surface areas that combine jointly to ensure volume, but the skull and jaws are shrinking in 360% contours.

 But let's think about whole health. If the bone in the head can shrink so much, we lose height to it too. And that means Osteoporosis with it's devastating health loss, is at work. If we are going to spend so much time and energy on treating the aesthetic attributes of a certain health condition, it would be inexcusable of us not to address the health of all body tissue changes and especially our bone tissue.

 Now we are thinking! We lose bone. No where but on the head is so much skin benefited by being pulled taught over bone to so much aesthetic advantage. When we lose volume in our heads, we get a lot of loose skin. (It's at times like this that we wish we were more of a fat-head, or more of a bone-head!)

 Our wise elders once upon a time called being older being "long in the tooth." Of course our teeth don't get longer. they are as long as they will be. But all the soft and bony tissue around our teeth shrink and leave that old tooth looking a bit longer as the days go by.

 Dermal fillers are excellent at bringing back facial volume. At Smart Injector our injection templates help to maximize the benefit of using the muscle tissue in the face to the patients best advantage. The bone prominence is also used to the patients best advantage. But while we are on the subject of bone resorption and aging, let's stop thinking just for a moment about how great we can look. Let's think more whole body health.

 Bone health starts way before we will be symptomatic. So if we are looking at our looks! Let's also stay STRONG. Today we are adding a widget from the NIH, the National Institute on Health. This is a great resource for all kinds of information. Free to you online or in print, a nice variety of Health publications.

Yes, I said "FREE!" Embrace your education!  Educate your patients!

Please follow the links below to find educational up to date information on bone health and many bone health educational tools you may order for free!

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