Michelangelo and DaVinci didn't self-train...
and neither should you...

Injection Training


Injection practice should be put off until thorough education including didactic, anatomy review, and practical. Several companies offer these programs. We are not a training program at this time.



Innovation Mission


Large companies such as Allergan, Merz, and Valeant deliver of an increasingly rich array of filler choices for patients than have ever existed before. More fillers appear in the US market. As a small company, we are able to focus on niche market improvements.


Because we consult with and have partners with significant filler experience and expertise, we are open to proposing change and introducing new treatment concepts for use across product and company lines.


Our focus on the peripheral products market, we are prepared to improve the experiences of physicians, medical injectors, and patients.


Dermal and soft tissue filler safety profiles have increased significantly since they first became available in the United States over 20 years ago. Our work at Smart Injector, LLC is to deliver product tools for patient injections using dermal and soft tissue filler that improve the patient experience.



Smart Injector, LLC is founded by 25 year soft tissue and dermal filler injector trainer, technique innovator, injection device developer, and patent holder, Jennifer Barbour.


When the first filler companies came to market the injection protocol became what it was by the trial and error of physicians trying to get the best longevity and cosmetic result for their patients that they could reach.

Patent Applications

We have US and foreign patents and applications for innovative syringe devices and volume evaluation systems. Our products are registered and listed with the FDA for use in medical procedures. (Aesthetic injectable dermal, intradermal and soft tissue fillers include Restylane®, Radiesse®, Juvederm® medical products).


This proprietary line of products includes the ASPIR8R™ syringe attachment kit which empowers injectors via improved control, easy aspiration, product placement accuracy, and patient comfort.


These devices will address common issues patients and practitioners experience every day making safe practices easier to implement and control. 

Medical Liaisons

Our devoted Medical Liaisons are dedicated physicians. nurses, administrators, and regulatory thought leaders who ensure our customers and representatives bring ergonomic standards, materials, and products have to a peer to peer voice in our communities.



Vascular Injury


Smart Injector wants to come between you and the point of a needle...The needle point is the tiny geography where the potential for vascular injury is decided.


In vascular injury, a vessel may or may not be cannulated. It may be compressed with or without laceration.  It may be compressed with lowered blood pressure or without.


A flash may be visible at the time of injection. A bruise may be visible during or by the end of the injection process. No bruise may be apparent. A bruise may show up hours later. The skin may appear mottled or having a lace-like pattern of discoloration which may appear near the injection site, during or after injection. The patient will usually experience severe pain which seems out of proportion with the needle stick and injection. Pain may be delayed by hours.